Protecting Our Water

What makes Suffolk great are our waterways, beaches and green spaces; and they are being decimated by nitrogen pollution. Yet again this year there are record levels of brown tide in the Great South Bay forcing beaches to be closed and killing the marine life. It is past the time to expand access to the South West sewer district and expand the nitrogen reduction program for existing septic systems. This will protect our drinking water and other water ways while at the same time creating high-paying, union jobs.


Publicly Financed...

We must move to publicly financed elections so elected officials represent the voters and not their donors. Too often politicians must spend their time seeking donations, calling donors and going to fund raisers instead of talking with their constituents.


Combat Opioid Epi...

Unfortunately, just about everyone you talk to these days has either lost someone to, or knows someone who is battling, an addiction to opiates. With 236 deaths from opioid overdoses in Suffolk County last year, and an average of 207 deaths over the last 7 years we are ground zero in the crisis gripping our nation.

We must make sure our first responders have the resources they need to ultimately keep these substances off the streets and in the event of an overdose save the lives of those who become addicted.

The pharmaceutical companies who marketed opiate pain-relievers in the late 1990's as non-addictive have made billions of dollars in profits. They must be held accountable and should have to pay for treatment, prevention and education programs.